It's all about the features

Ambarella A7LS processor

When it comes to power and performance, the camera hardware speaks for itself. Equipped with Ambarella A7LS, the world's leading image processor for sports cameras, the YI Action Camera seamlessly records Ultra-HD videos and photos with advanced image stabilization and noise reduction. Record up to 90 minutes of footage without running out of power.
Change the shooting mode according to your mood
The YI Action Camera is designed to keep up with your ever-changing pace of life. Choose from 11 different video resolution modes to optimize your videos based on your activity. Create slow-mo videos with the high-speed mode or shoot POV snowboarding videos with the extreme sports mode. Achieve the perfect balance of light and exposure by adjusting the metering mode settings. Personalize your videos in HD.
  • 1080p60fps
    Sports Mode
  • 1080p30fps
    Normal Mode
  • 720p120fps
    Extreme Sports Mode
  • 480p240fps
    High-Speed Mode
  • H.264

    Image Encoding

  • 3D

    Noise Reduction

  • MCTF

    Motion Compensation

Say goodbye to bad lighting

16 MP Sony Exmor R image sensor

Geared with the Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, the YI Action Camera captures crisp 16 mega-pixel images with enhanced colors and contrasts. The world class Sony image sensor uses advanced back-illuminated technology to increase light sensitivity and reduce background noise. With automatic light adjustment, you can stop worrying about low light and get snap happy.
Regular Camera
YI Action Camera

Wider is always better

155ᵒ Ultra-wide angle lens

Expand your viewpoint and capture more of your surroundings with the ultra-wide angle optical lens. With 155 degrees of panoramic view, the YI Action Camera creates stunning wide-angle videos of your surroundings.
Size:4608X3456 Turkey Antalya
  • YI Action Camera

  • Mobile phone

Use your phone as a remote control
Get full control of your camera on your phone from up to 300 feet away with our built-in Wi-Fi. Adjust the settings, shoot videos and photos, and preview live footage all from your phone.

Perfect your shot with live streaming
Get real-time mobile streaming and simultaneously see what your camera is shooting with the YI Action App. Capture better frames and angles with our preview option.
Get creative with four photo modes
Speed things up with burst mode and take up to 7 photos per second or slow things down with time-lapse mode and take 1 photo every 60 seconds. Ready, set, SNAP!
  • Single Mode

  • Time-Lapse Mode

  • Self-timer Mode

  • Burst Mode

Get social and share instantly
Be the envy of your social media feed with your cool new Yi Action camera photos and videos. Whether you're an Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube addict, edit and share instantly on the app.
Be a part of the YI community
Join the community and connect with thousands of other YI Action Camera users. Discover awesome videos and photos and get inspired to keep on creating and exploring.

Lightweight and pocket-sized

Just 2.5 ounces

Made with durable thermoplastic, this miniature fun-sized camera is weatherproof and adventure-proof. Pair it with our accessories to make it an underwater cam or a ski cam. No matter what your next adventure is, the YI Action Camera will change the way you shoot.

Choose from 2 packages

(Memory card not included)

  • Travel Kit

    YI Action Camera
    Extendable Selfie Stick
    Bluetooth Remote
    Lime / White

    • 小蚁运动相机旅行版 丛林绿
    • 小蚁运动相机旅行版 都市白
  • Camera Only

    YI Action Camera
    Lime / White

    • 小蚁运动相机 丛林绿
    • 小蚁运动相机 都市白