Yi Action Camera

Small. Powerful

Ambarella A7LS processor / 16MP Sony sensor/Ultra HD quality images


What makes Yi Action Camera unique?

Equipped with the world’s leading image processor Ambarella A7LS and 16 million pixels Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor,Yi Action Camera offers pictures and videos with outstanding color quality images. The 155º Ultra-wide angle lens creates a immersive scene perspective providing captivating and ultra engaging footages. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® allows you to control the camera remotely and share your adventures with world. The special designed accessories make possible to shot from any angle and anywhere.Attractive, small, simple, convenient and powerful. This is Yi Action Camera.

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普通视野 广角视野(左) 广角视野(右)

155°Ultra wide-angle lens

clear and bright images with high definition

In order to pursue auto-focus, clear and stunning images at same time, we chose the customized aspheric glass lens from a professional optics team in USA. The Yi Action Camera 155° ultra-wide lens brings immersive wide-angle perspective and allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in the shot. The result is a captivating and ultra-engaging footage in every adventure.



外出旅行,想要拍出与风景在一起的照片不是求路人匆忙留念,就是千篇一律的自拍大头照?小蚁运动相机旅行版,专为爱旅行的你配备了拍照神器--自拍杆套装,可使你的手臂增加“71 厘米”!无论是自拍、合拍还是穿越人群拍摄指定人物,都可以使风景与人物以真实的现场感呈现出来。你还可以通过手机WiFi或即将推出的蓝牙遥控器拍摄出令人惊讶的角度,例如悬崖、高楼俯视或悄悄靠近动物,拍摄出具有创造力的精彩时刻。

  • 手机 App 远程操控
  • 蓝牙遥控器远程操控
  • 支持自拍杆拍摄

Hundreds of ways to capture incredible moments

From high sky to deep sea, from surfing to wakeboarding, Yi Action camera allows you to make innovative footages without limitation.
It is possible to record skate adventures from the first perspective, fast actions of an important game using the burst mode, the beauty of nature with time-lapse videos. You can choose from several options of photo and video modes and explore your creativity without spending hours in the edition room.

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  • 1080p60 fpsHigh Speed
  • 1600 mp7 fpsBurst Mode
  • 40 meters

1920*1080 60FPS Bali Indonesia

Special Accessories Collection

Yi Action Camera offers you a big range of special designed accessories to make your camera even more versatile. From waterproof to head straps, every combination of accessories will bring you innovative ideas to help capture incredible footages.

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1920*1080 60 FPS Beijing

Ambarella A7LS processor
High-performance image processor

In order to support all your great adventures, Yi Action camera is manufactured with the high-performance image processor: Aambarella A7LS. It guarantees ultra-high-speed pixel processing, enhance dynamic range and outstanding color fidelity images, even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor
Colorful and well-lit pictures

The 16mp Sony Exmor R CMOS uses backside iluminated image sensor technology to reduce the noise and increase the light sensibility of the camera. Never worry again about missing an epic moment, even in dark enviromnts.

  • H.264
    Image Enconding
  • BSI
    Image Sensor
  • 3DNoise Reduction
  • MCTF
    Motion compensation

Yi Action Camera Mobile App
Preview, Edit and Share your great moments

Bring your camera into your mobile phone and make your Yi camera experience even more fantastic. The Yi Action Camera Mobile App are developed to connect you to Yi Camera lens lens through a user-fridendly and clean design. It enables you to controll the camera remotly, preview videos, capture and record images, make editions and share your great adventures in social medias.

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  • Video
  • Share
  • Edit
  • Photo

A mix of cutting-edge technologies,
all-in-one design

In order to inject powerful performance into a tiny package, every detail has been carefully designed. ABS material in combination with PC thermoplastic ensures an ultra-resistant camera able to support different temperatures.

前盖 主板 后盖
  • 155ᵒ ultra-wide angle lens
  • Battery management chip
  • SONY Exmor R CMOS
  • Battery LED light
  • Ambarella A7LS processor