YI Home camera

Connects you to your home anytime, anywhere

720P HD | 111° wide-angle lens | Two-Way Audio | Activity Alerts

Your home on your phone

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Place the YI Home camera anywhere in your home and monitor activity at your fingertips. The two-way audio and excellent image quality allows you to connect with your family remotely.

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Receive intelligent security alerts

Don't have time to watch lengthy security footage? The YI Home camera app sends instant security alerts to your phone whenever movements are detected.

Monitor your new babysitter or check on your sleeping infant

Never miss an important family moment again. With YI Home camera, you can interact with your children day and night remotely. Simply tap on your app to connect to your loved ones.

4x digital zoom to capture every detail

See if your pet is sleeping on the couch or scratching furniture while you’re away. Use the app to monitor your pet's activity and send audio commands to her.

High definition video in both day and night

The YI Home camera doubles as a baby monitor allowing you to check on your baby at night from your phone. It features a non-invasive 940mm infrared sensor to ensure clear and high definition video day and night.

The two-way audio brings families closer

YI Home camera streams real-time video of your home and family through an immersive screen and high quality two-way audio.

Set up your YI Home camera in 3 simple steps

Use our app to monitor your home at the touch of a button
Your special moments are automatically saved and can be re-watched anytime
The camera records and saves your video feed on class 4 and above SD memory cards (up to 32GB). Access your videos in the history vault to relive your favorite moments.
1280x720 HD resolution, 111° wide-angle lens
All glass lenses with f/2.0 aperture to produce bright and crisp images
With HD resolution (1280x720) and 111° wide-angle lens, the camera allows you to see the entire room in high-definition. With a simple tap, you can zoom (up to 4x) and see the smallest details.